Thursday, December 2, 2010

The "Pebble Panty" Perplex....

I wasn't sure I would post this, but is kinda funny, so I will.

In the discussion of how to set up this project, and what to call it, etc, etc, etc... I was going through a list of possible names and ideas, when my brother (visiting for Thanksgiving from Ohio, very nice to see you, how have you been, I miss you oodles, and all that...) pipes up from the kitchen, "Pebble Panties! Call it 'Pebble Panties'!" His partner joins in and my husband agrees. Everyone is yelling, "Pebble Panties!", and I thought my poor, sweet dad was going to have a stroke.

In the end though, modesty prevailed. I just couldn't subject the unsuspecting beach-goers of the world to the words "pebble" black Sharpied onto the back of a surprise beach find... I mean, can you imagine?

"Hey, Gladys! Look what I found!"
"What is it, George?"
"I dunno... Huh. What's that written on the back, there? Do you have your glasses?"
"Ummm... It says, 'pebble'. Oh, my WORD!
"What do you think it means, Gladys?"
"Put it BACK, George!  Put it BACK!"

That's how I saw it, anyway...


  1. That's hilarious. I'm glad you wrote about it, and I'm glad you didn't use the name.
    Put it BACK, George!!

  2. Brother-O-Mine STILL thinks that's what I should be calling it...

    Put it BACK, George!!!

  3. So funny.. you made my day! Thanks!


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