Thursday, December 2, 2010

In which she starts making Sweaters for Rocks...

My favorite.  Robin's Egg blue stone with an ecru sweater.  She is so pretty.
Not too long ago, I got completely web-lost following blog links and ended up in an utter tizzy over Margaret Oomen's Covered Stones.  Not one to let such things pass me by, I headed for the nearest beach and loaded a totebag with an array of different shapes, colors, sizes and temperaments (some of them were cranky).   At home, I started free-crocheting and ended up with a whole bowlful of my own (actually, the bowl itself is also mine.  In other words, I made that, too). Of course, mister man comes home and immediately thinks I've lost my mind, and asks why I'm "putting sweaters on those poor rocks?"  But, truth be told, I think he only actually teases me when he actually likes something I've made, and he did finally admit that they were, "well.. uh...interesting".  That's a WIN, kids.  And, I'll take it.

The first group of stone sweater creations.


A little closer...


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