She Makes Music?

Yes.  Yes, she does.  

You can find the latest solo work on Soundcloud.

In fact, I also make music with lots of different people, which leads to lots of different styles and genres.  My favorite music leans toward electronica and industrial-ish trip-hop, and I've recently begun the clampdown to limit myself to work with artists in those areas. 

USB  Some of my favorite collaborations are my work with the UK-based IDM/electronica master, USB.  He sends me nearly completed instrumental songs, I write lyrics, record vocals, and send my contribution back to him... USB mixes it all into something very unique:
  • Narcissus - Listener Comment:  "This is wonderful! Love the vocals. Masterpiece."
  • PeekaBoo - Listener Comment: "This gave me goosebumps. For some reason, this reminds me a lot of Madonna's 'Bedtime Story'. Dig it.
  • Silence - Listener Comments:  "No hesitation in rating this five star. Outstanding music, perfect production, wonderful vocals and lyrics."  "My goodness man. This is amazing. You should definitely be in big places."
CHROME  I've also been working extensively with the Swedish group Chrome.  While the album to which I've contributed is still a work in process, you can hear some of Chrome's Alternative Industrial Electronica on their website and on Soundcloud.  You can read more about Chrome and follow them Facebook as well.

STEFAN WERNBORG  Stefan is one of  the two core members of Chrome, and I've done a few things with him as well.  His album, "Utopia", is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, and several other music sites.  You can also listen to Stefan at SoundcloudI wrote a whole blog post of his surprising me by adding one of our songs to the album.  That's right.  You can BUY me.  I love that. 

TOMAS BARKMAN  Tomas is the other core member of Chrome, and his work is absolutely stunning.  He produced and arranged my tribute to my dear friend Radhika, and there's a blog post about that as well.  He's also the man behind the recently completed "Align" video, and at least half a dozen other things that are in various states of progress.  We've been searching for the perfect name for ourselves for nearly two years. It may never happen.

SOLO WORK  While I am classically trained (true!), these days my solo work is mostly ambient electronica, with an occassional dance tune or more experimental something-or-other thrown in. 

My current and more recent works-in-progress can be found on my Soundcloud page, and older stuff on my Soundclick page (Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro" can be found there, as well as well as some of my first forays into creating my own music.  Be forewarned, though.  I am not the worlds best recording engineer.  But some of the music is good, as is the singing)

I've also compiled a list of older collaborations, including folk, blues and rock on my Soundclick User Station.

Of course, it's also worth mentioning that I make and edit videos to go along with some of the songs, and sometimes I just tape myself tracking the vox. You know... just for funsies.  You can find some of this on my music video playlist on the YouTube.