Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Memoriam

Diwali with my brave and kind friend, Radhika.

I wrote this for you to give you hope. I wrote this for you as I was unable to do anything else. I wrote this for you so that you would know how much you mean to me. I wrote this for you so that I will never forget. I wrote this for you because I love you.

Rest in peace my dear friend. You will be forever in my heart and the hearts of those who knew you.

The world has lost an unforgettable force of nature and source of infectious laughter. The stars have gained a sister.

RADIANT (McDuffie/Barkman)
She is radiant as the sunshine

Sliding through the gloom

Her smile opens, shining stars

As she surveys the room

We fall like Ancient Empires

To gather at her feet

Held captive by her graces

The spell she deftly weaves

Love pours through her

Rains from fingertips

Kind words and laughter

Tumble from her lips

She steeps my tea with tender heart

And sweetens it with dreams

I watch her move across the room

Choking on my screams

Open your eyes bright angel

Let the light shine in

Open your eyes bright angel

Let the light shine in

She has the strength of angels

Bending to her throne

And if the silent treachery

Should overcome her bones

I will thrust my fearsome blade

Where evil makes its home

And vow with violet eyes aflame

She will not fight alone

Open your eyes bright angel

Let the light shine in

Open your eyes bright angel

Let the light shine in

Flags at Half-Staff at California State University, San Marcos in honor
of my dear, dear friend, Professor Radhika Ramamurthi.
Photo courtesy of my friend Laurie.


  1. Sweet words and very touching. Sorry for the loss of your friend and it looks as if she make an impact in the lives of others. Which is what we all truly hope for isn't it.

  2. I thought it was pretty neat that they lowered the flags in her honor. Sorry for your loss.


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