What IS This Thing, Anyway???

Well... ummm... see... uhh... A while ago, I stumbled across some artfully crocheted rocks on the web. They were both a little odd and strangely beautiful. Inspired, I made a few for myself, but was struck by the idea of Making and Leaving them on the beach for others to happen across. This idea has morphed into a full-blown performance art project of sorts; I go to the beach, select an ocean-smoothed stone, scout out a little spot in the sand, pull out my crochet needles and thread, and whip up a sweater for the little pebble guy. Then, I leave him on the beach for someone else to enjoy. Yeah. It's pretty much like that...

Here's the Whole Story from the original blog post.

Monetary support for this project comes from my Etsy Shop.  Every little bit helps.

Oh.. and sometimes I just make stuff and post that. Or write a Tutorial. Or take some photographs of interesting things. That also might be why you're here...

And, yes feel free to question my sanity.  I've been doing it for years.

You might also be curious about The Pebbler (That's ME).  I don't blame you.