Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do Art Daily Show Part II

Yesterday I posted a few bad iphone pics in between the setting up for the opening and the actual show - I promised better pictures.  Here they are:

My Pedestal.  Had originally planned to scatter the
pebbles around the venue, as I normally do
on the beach, but thought better of it when I arrived.

A detail of my favorite pebble in the collection - my first attempt
at a free-form tree.  Not half bad, if I do say so myself (and shouldn't). Several
show attendees mentioned it as their favorite as well, so the feeling must be mutual.

Detail of the arrangement with a cairn in the back.

While many of these will be placed on a local beach as part of the
project, and some will be for sale on etsy, the pink embroidered "Namaste"
pebble will stay with me to help me remember Radhika.
"Lost & Found" a found beach object assembly by Roxy Heinz.
My favorite piece in the show hands down.
Detail of "Lost & Found" by Roxy Heinz

"Don't Look Back-Transition" by India Davis.

"sometimes it's all too much" by Dave Fass
(Please don't miss the giraffe on the side...)

Dave's placard noted that this was what runs through his brain
on a daily basis.  Me, too, Dave.  Me, too.

Well.. maybe I don't always see giant squids when I close my eyes, but close, enough.

"One Month Ride" by Sykkel Spruce.  Spray Paint and Bike Parts
on Canvas.  Bad photo.  Amazing Artwork.

"MK-NISHI Adaptive Interference Modulator Civilian Model f29"
by Edgar Milik.  The soundtrack to the show - Edgar created a loop
per day for the month of February, and compiled it all into an
interactive musical playground.  It doesn't look half as interesting as
it actually was.  We were all playing with it.
"Entombment" by Angela Van Lier.  Angela says, "I began this
project with an interest in symbiotic relationships.  For 29 days,
I would take a walk and not return until I found a honey bee
amongst my travels.  The found bee would be recorded and then
 encased in its own proper tomb of beeswax.  This piece deals
 with the concept of Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon
where it is unknown exactly why many beehives around the
world are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Scientists have
many possible theories but if we aren't able to figure out the
 exact reason soon, our food supply is in direct effect."

Detail of "Entombment".  Simply stunning.
"Containers" by Blind Art Gallery

"Containers" detail. Yes, "Blind Art Gallery" means exactly what you
 think it does.  As a potter, myself, I am left speechless.

My new acquaintances, Sergio and Ant Dakini of AntiQuark
performing live in front of their videos.  Seriously great stuff. 
Sorry about the Flash going off during this photo, Sergio.  I didn't mean to.  

Yeah, this is dark, but I love how the videos add color.

There were lots of cool young people in cool clothes with cool hair and a dude that looked sorta like Mel Gibson, but I didn't hold that against him.  Space 4 Art is a totally cool space.  If I lived any closer, I'd consider having a studio there.
There was also a little bit of this happening. 
But, truth be told, I was doing the exact same thing,
seeing how I didn't know a single soul at the show. 

I've posted links to the individual artists of whom I knew have a working website.  If I have missed anyone, please let me know and I will do my best to fix that.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do Art Daily Show

It's finally here. The day I get to show all the Curious Pebbles I made for Open Arts Collective's "Do Art Daily" show.

Pretty damn exciting.

And while the actual event is half hour away, sweet pebbles are resting on their pedestal awaiting their admirers.

(Yes, I KNOW the plan was to scatter them about the show much as they would e on the beach but when I got here I realized that they would either be unseen or stepped on or both. Pedestal it is then.)

There will be more (and better) photos later, but this should tide you over until then.

Happy Art Show, everyone!


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Secret to Flying

And on a related note...

There is a Hula Hoop stuck in my Magnolia Tree.

That about sums it up for me.


Friday, March 9, 2012


Finally finished editing this.... Mmmmmm... Trippy music....

(c) 2012 Julianna McDuffie/Tomas Barkman

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Oh no! I'm lost in the wilderness!"

Too funny not to share.... My kids made a video this morning.

"Hooray! I'm Saved!"