Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#021 in Portrait and Blogged Again.

It's a little over a week after vacation, and I've managed to get the kids back to school and have nailed down some semblance of normalcy.  Which is good.  After a long and tiring summer of swim lessons, multiple trips across the continent to see Grandma/Grandpa/Grannie, daily kid wrangling and fight monitoring, I am (very nearly) sane again.  Or at least as close as I can be to sane (obviously).

Which means I can get back to Pebbles and making music.  Which is what keeps me sane in the first place.

And, I've been thinking, "Gee!  I really need to post something lovely on the blog..." but haven't done much in the way of Pebbles since I came home, blah blah blah, when BOOM! the lovely Alicia over at Posie Gets Cozy posts another set of lovely photographs.  One of which features one of my Pebbles. 

Miss Alicia takes the most gorgeous still-life pictures of her world and home. If you haven't visited, I suggest you do, and hurry. Because your eyes will thank you.

Alicia had ordered one of the original "Japan" Tsunami Relief Pebbles that I offered last year, and it has found it's way into her pictures ever since.  Every time I see that little Pebble in one of her achingly beautiful photos my heart does a little happy dance.  People have occasionally commented--- "What IS that?", etc, and she very recently linked to this blog and my etsy shop so that people could see where they came from.

And just like that.... my etsy shop, which hadn't made a sale in over a month, had a bunch of new orders. 

And so, today, I welcome some new friends and want publicly thank Alicia for helping new faces to find me.  She's a good soul, she is.  Once upon a time, hobos had a set of symbols/code they would chalk or paint on a fence or building to note what sort of help another might find (or not).  When I think of Alicia, "Kindhearted Woman" comes to mind.  Because I'm pretty sure she is.  And if this were pre-1940's America, there would be a sweet 'lil kitty drawn in chalk on her back door.  Go see her. 

The other thing that made me smile from ear to ear was the picture you see today. 

Look familiar? 

It's Pebble Number 021 from my last post -- made in for the Do Art Daily Show in February, and left very recently on the the beach in the Sunset Beach neighborhood of Treasure Island, Florida.  Sterling picked it up and signed the guestbook before I even got the photos posted. 

Yesterday, I received an unexpected email from Sterling with the above Pebble Portrait attached. 

REALLY?  How awesome is THAT???  I never imagined one of them would sit for a portrait....


It's us again (the people who found no. 21). We love love love your pebble and everyone who comes to visit is intrigued and 'curious' about it. So we just wanted to send you a little thank you... a pebble portrait.

(You are free to put the picture on your blog or wherever if you so desire.)



There is so much good in the world.  Keep your eyes open.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunset Beach, Florida Part III

WOW!  I usually get to photo-blog a pebbling before a finder signs it into the guestbook, but today, my last day on the beach, with a low tide and gentle gulf... I was in the water nearly all day, looking for the Elusive Banded Tulip Shell (everyone in my family has found one but ME, and it's my absolute favorite.  I still didn't find one).

The finder writes:

"My parents and I were walking along the beach (Sunset Beach) at sunset and we found number 21 while searching for scallops. What a beautiful surprise. We've had three auspicious events today ( a wedding, a grouping of live conchs, and the best - your pebble!). We might keep it, or who knows, we might deposit it somewhere on our next vacation to New Zealand. Thank you so much, it made our day."

And, YOU, my friend, have made MY day by signing it into the Guestbook!

The bottom photo is a picture of those crazy Florida Fighting Conchs the finder mentioned... There has been a strange outcropping of them on a very particular section of beach all week. They are wallowing in a slightly muddy area, whenever the tide is low.  They flip around on the beach, burying themselves, spiral-first, into the sand.  Quite a show.

Although this photo does them no justice, the shells of these conchs are LOVELY.  But the animal is absolutely bizarre looking, and they have this weird appendage/arm/operculum that they wave about in the air/try to flick you with if you pick them up. They have strangely beautiful eyes on two stalks (like a snail), and it's started me to wondering just how the world looks peering out through two, independently moving eyes....


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunset Beach, Florida Part II

Another Pebbling in the Sunset Beach neighborhood of Treasure Island, Florida-- just south of Caddy's on the Beach.

Did YOU find it?

This pebble is also from the Open Arts Collective's "Do Art Daily Show".  It's labeled "09" (which indicates that it was made on February 9, 2012).

Placed in a strand of shells, next to a sea gull feather...

...with a lovely ocean view.

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunset Beach, Florida

The first of three "Pebblings" in Florida... One of my crochet stones from the "Do Art Daily" Show I participated in in February.

Did YOU find it???

Please SIGN THE GUESTBOOK to let us know!
(Guestbook link to the right... Very hard to imbed links on my iPhone!)

I love to hear about who finds my crocheted stones... And I leave them wherever I go.  I have heard from people as far away as Italy and Ireland-- and it's amazing!

This one was left in Sunset Beach, near Treasure Island, Florida.

Hope you found it!

It's a beautiful day for Found Art!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ocean Beach, Ca

Went pebbling today.... Did YOU find one?

Sign the Guestbook, and let us know!

A red rock with a star....

A blue stone with a flower pattern...

...and a grey stone with a spiderweb pattern.

Other things to see in Ocean Beach today: