Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Music Page updated, yo!

Seriously... There are new links and videos and (gasp!) even some actual information and stuff.

I also kinda/sorta explain the Swedish connection. OK. Not really. It's a long story. And sort of weird. And far-fetched. But there ARE links to the Swedish band I've been working with. And some more stuff, too.

OH! And a little section about my work with the UK musician USB-- a man who actually has SEVERAL albums available. Not to mention makes appearances on a plethora of IDM/electronica compilations. And manages to be a totally nice guy. True story. He is seriously good at what he does. And did I mention that I did some songs with him? I did? 'k.

Grab your earbuds and get to it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Featured Artist at the San Marcos Arts Council

Curious Pebbles on the Beach

A very nice surprise today, when a friend alerted me that I am this month's Featured Artist at the San Marcos Arts Council! 

There's a lovely article, and everything.

If you've landed on my blog from the Art Council Blog, you might note that there is a lot more than just Curious Pebbles and crocheted rocks here - Please click HERE to view the project or, choose "Curious Pebbles" from the link cloud at the right! 

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome! 


Curious Pebbles at the Do Art Daily Show,
March 24, 2012 at Space4Art in Barrio Logan

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have a friend from college who has devoted her life to helping others. She and her family of five spend their days traveling and helping others based out of the family's "LOVEcan"-- A semi-trailer that they have turned into a home and a traveling ministry for good. She and I may differ on religious views, but my heart of hearts mirrors hers.

Even while following a different path, we both end up at the same place.

Her latest blog post details how she met Bob- an elderly gentleman, who needs some help reclaiming his home from the elements of time and economy. My friend has partnered with LeeBuildersCare so that Bob can continue to live in his home, make his daily visits to his wife in a nursing home and generally lend a hand.

Don't let Bob be forgotten.

Read the LOVEcan "What About Bob?" story.

Donate HERE.
(please write "LOVEonBob" on your PayPal donation so that it can be applied directly to his building fund)

Show Bob some LOVE!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Just Discovered This....

A few months ago, Blogger and Facebook stopped talking to each other. It used to be that you could set up a link from your blog posts to your page, in the form of a note.  Not the best way of communicating, but at least cross-posting was somewhat available.

I had a little following there on the Facebook, and kept up with it as long as my posts were being fed to the fb page. 

But I never saw THIS! 

In fact, I found this just a moment ago - a post written after my Laguna Beach pebbling in January. 

I feel so badly that I didn't get back with the poster in a timely manner - my apologies, Sue!

I hope you DO find another - and when you do, put it in your pocket!  :)

But what a nice picture and an interesting thing....

I didn't leave it inside the shell.  I left it on the rocks, like SO:

Huh.  Look at that shell right next to it.  Curiouser and Curiouser....

It REALLY makes me wonder about all the things that happen to these pebbles after I leave the beach!

Hand Made Dog Toys....

Since I DO have a dresser-ful of fabric....

...and since poor Andy's toy basket is down to decimated
bits of dismembered stuffies and assorted strings of
former rope chew toys.... I pulled out my trusty Husqvarna
this morning and made him a few new toys.

I made him several different ones, but the bone is his favorite.

Can you tell?

Look at that HAPPY!

Mmmmmm... stuffing.

But it's not long for this world, I'm afraid.

So the real question is... Is it worth it to make your own dog toys?  Have you ever?