Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hand Made Dog Toys....

Since I DO have a dresser-ful of fabric....

...and since poor Andy's toy basket is down to decimated
bits of dismembered stuffies and assorted strings of
former rope chew toys.... I pulled out my trusty Husqvarna
this morning and made him a few new toys.

I made him several different ones, but the bone is his favorite.

Can you tell?

Look at that HAPPY!

Mmmmmm... stuffing.

But it's not long for this world, I'm afraid.

So the real question is... Is it worth it to make your own dog toys?  Have you ever?

1 comment:

  1. awww, cuteheart! very verrry few toys lasted longer than 30 minutes for malte, terriers are fierce like that. some latex squeaker toys lasted forever though, he just lost interest. seems like making cat toys might be worth it for a longer period of time, dogs just seem to happily destroy quickly. perhaps that's also worth it? or maybe there are ways to make them superhardy and durable.

    nope never made dog toys myself:)


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