Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Memoriam

Diwali with my brave and kind friend, Radhika.

I wrote this for you to give you hope. I wrote this for you as I was unable to do anything else. I wrote this for you so that you would know how much you mean to me. I wrote this for you so that I will never forget. I wrote this for you because I love you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Am I a "Real" Artist Now?

Last year's Show at Space4Art

Last month, a friend posted an innocuous little link on Facebook, inviting artists to participate in a local version of ArtClash's "Fun-A-Day" project. 

It's basically a collective showing of artists who have made something everyday for a month... in San Diego, the making is scheduled to take place in February (Hello, LEAP YEAR!  Extra Day!) and showing on March 24, 2012 at Space4Art in Barrio Logan.

Last year, ArtClash San Diego accepted 30 artists on a first-come-first-serve basis.  THIS this year, artists were slected via a submission entry and jury process.  It also seems that both the name of the collective has changed (from "Art Clash" to "Open Arts Collective"), as has the name of the event itself (from "Fun-A-Day" to "Do Art Daily"), but that's neither here nor there...

Full of vim and vigor and more than a few crossed fingers, I applied.

I got in.

[Gigantic GRIN]

Here's my plan: 

1. For each of the 29 days in February, I will create one Curious Pebble to be shown at the OpenArts Collective "Do Art Daily" Show in Barrio Logan in Downtown San Diego. 

2. At the show, I plan to place the pebbles around the venue, much as one would find them as part of the Curious Pebble Project... Tucked into corners, at the base of a sculpture, in the windowsill, half-hidden among the "whatever-elses" happen to be there...

3. Following the show, I'll take all 29 pebbles and place them EN MASSE on one of our local beaches for people to find, take home, sign into the guestbook, etc.  I might even arrange them nicely for photographic effect, mmmm?

You can be sure there will be pictures of both the show and the En Masse leaving of pebbles (EMLOP) on the beach. Oh yes.  Lots.

Seems this little project is inching closer and closer to becoming something like a yarn-bombing.

Ok.... Maybe more of a "pebbling" than a "bombing", but still....

I'm so excited.  :)

There are a thousand other things to tell you.  I've been very, very neglectful of this blog (and of you) and suffice to say that it's been a difficult few months as far as animal companions go (losing Jack-the-dog was not the end of our troubles, I'm afraid)...

BUT! There are new companions (KITTEH!  PUPPY!), I am recovering from likely my fourth nasty cold of the season (enough already, ok???) and children are back to school, which gives me time to think about blogging and making again. 

Oh, thank heavens.

'Cause I'm going to need at least one child-free hour per day for this project. 

And likely another bucket 'o pebbles.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ah! Italia!

I imagine that not everyone continually keeps tabs on the guestbook, but this latest comment warrants posting for all to see...

"Lorenzo said...
Hi there!!
I found the original blue one of your home page in Laguna beach just a few days ago before return back to Florence! (Italy)
A really nice and curious idea and surprice!
Now it's in good hands...I'll take care of it! ;-)
Good luck for your project!

Not only am I thrilled that another pebble has been found and logged in, but DOUBLY so, because the finder is from my motherland, and it's the first pebble that has made it's way there. Such.Happiness.

Lorenzo, you really made my day, Paisano. :)