Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunset Beach, Florida Part III

WOW!  I usually get to photo-blog a pebbling before a finder signs it into the guestbook, but today, my last day on the beach, with a low tide and gentle gulf... I was in the water nearly all day, looking for the Elusive Banded Tulip Shell (everyone in my family has found one but ME, and it's my absolute favorite.  I still didn't find one).

The finder writes:

"My parents and I were walking along the beach (Sunset Beach) at sunset and we found number 21 while searching for scallops. What a beautiful surprise. We've had three auspicious events today ( a wedding, a grouping of live conchs, and the best - your pebble!). We might keep it, or who knows, we might deposit it somewhere on our next vacation to New Zealand. Thank you so much, it made our day."

And, YOU, my friend, have made MY day by signing it into the Guestbook!

The bottom photo is a picture of those crazy Florida Fighting Conchs the finder mentioned... There has been a strange outcropping of them on a very particular section of beach all week. They are wallowing in a slightly muddy area, whenever the tide is low.  They flip around on the beach, burying themselves, spiral-first, into the sand.  Quite a show.

Although this photo does them no justice, the shells of these conchs are LOVELY.  But the animal is absolutely bizarre looking, and they have this weird appendage/arm/operculum that they wave about in the air/try to flick you with if you pick them up. They have strangely beautiful eyes on two stalks (like a snail), and it's started me to wondering just how the world looks peering out through two, independently moving eyes....



  1. Hi - I've given you a blog award here: http://idreamoftweed.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/doggy-paddling-and-lovely-blog-award.html

    No worries though - don't feel pressured to respond! :D

  2. I very nearly missed this, Alison! THANK YOU! I'll pass it on... So very nice. :)


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