Friday, February 11, 2011

Angry Bird Family Portraits...

Amigurumi Angry Bird Family Portrait (so far, anyway...)
Soooo.... I took my husband's challenge to heart, and we are now well on our way to having a full family of Angry Birds.  Really?  Really.  No patterns, of course, just kinda making them up as I go along, trial-and-error-oh-no-that-didn't-work-AH-Yes!-THIS-works sort of a thing...

Red Bird?  Check. 

Yellow Bird?  Check.

Blue Bird(s)?  Check. 

Bomb, Egg-Bomb & My favorite, the Boomerang-ing Toucan are next on the list.  Followed by some nasty big and lil' piggies in various stages of destruction and bruising, of course. 

And, oh...  Bluebird looks a little lumpy for a REASON... He has ALL THREE teeny-tiny Baby Blue Birds inside of him (see pics below)! 
Check and MATE, my friends. HaHaHaHaHa!

The Yellow Angry Bird

Yellow Bird is Pretty Angry, I'd say... I had never crocheted a pyramid before, and I think I tried four different ways before I was finally happy.  Of course, my son has commandeered the mis-starts for lobbing at his legos/hex-bugs/little sister. They fly around the house on a regular basis...

I was particularly proud of the way I was able to crochet his belly as part of the body, instead of making it separately and just stitching it on at the end.  Most of the Angry Bird Amigurumis I've seen are done that way, and personally, I think it looks better as an all-in-one deal.  Just an opinion.

I tried crocheting the black head-feathers and tail-feathers in a thousand different ways, before I finally remembered to keep it simple and just let the yarn speak for itself.  A few strands of yarn with simple knot at the base... trim to various lengths of dissarray, et voila!  And you're done, Pumpkin!

The Red Angry Bird
The red bird I've posted before, but he wanted some new pictures done... I was all to happy to oblige.  Here he is.  He was my first, and I've done some good work on the beak design since then, but whatevah.  A big schnozz just makes him appropriately angrier. 

The Blue Bird is sorta lumpy looking for good reason...


On to the BLUE Bird! 

Trust me...

This is cool...

(And I KNOW it's cool, because even my impossible-to-impress-husband told me that it rocks, so there.)

Open the drawstring underneath...

And find the TINY Blue Birdies!

Oh.. they are TINY...  Crocheted with a 1.65mm needle. The
yarn is the same medium-weight acrylic as the larger (momma?)
bird, but I pulled a single strand free from the length that I
needed for each bird.  Whoo-eee-momma!

Blue Angry Bird Amigurumi Family Portrait.

That's all for now... I'll keep working on Bomber, White Egg-Bomber and Crazy Toucan.  "Wrrrraackk!"


  1. I love the idea of a drawstring bluebird!!! Do you have a pattern for it that you might be willing to share or sell on etsy?

  2. Hi, Mandi! Yeah... it's yer basic amigurumi ball (single crochet), just the last row left off, and then a braided string woven in the last row of sc's and pulled shut. If you can crochet a ball, you can make one, but the little buys... they weren't so easy. I THINK took a regular worsted weight yarn (same as the bigger blue bird) and split it into two (?) strands, then used a MUCH smaller needle. Does that help? At all? :D


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