Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Amazing and Beautiful Thing

This morning, I found this lovely, lovely note waiting for me in my Etsy Conversations :


I've been following your progress, and I love the covered rocks you are creating. It is so good of you to help the effort in Japan, and I'm glad so many are helping you in that.

I have a fair amount of crochet (and what I think was used for tatting as well) thread that once belonged to my late husband's grandmother and great-grandmother. They were both quite productive in the crochet department, especially during the Depression and the war years of the 40"s. Before the estate sale was held, I latched onto this collection, with no idea why--I just didn't want to see it sold. I have no intention now of using it myself, due to problems with tendonitis,and am to the "purging" stage, so I would like to offer this stash to you for your own use. There are many different colors, many of them variegated, about 3 dozen or so small spools. I will ship them to you at my cost, and you are free to use them as you like. The only request I would have is that you create one or two for me as a rememberance of these special ladies. Please let me know if you are interested, and if so, send me your mailing address, and I will get them off to you. I would love to know all this thread won't someday end up in a trash bin somewhere.
Best of luck in your relief efforts----Jane

Of course, I immediately replied that YES, I would adore being the caretaker of such a wonderful stash, and that I would promise-promise to put it to good, beachy, treasure hunting-use.  I was thrilled. 

Then, Jane responded with some even more sweet information:

I'm so glad you got back to me so quickly, and can use the thread for your projects. For whatever reason, this batch of thread has been on my mind quite a bit lately (what to do with it all???), so when I saw your work through rosylittlethings, I thought, There! My husband's great-grandmother has been gone since the 60's--long before I came into the family--and his grandmother passed away in 1994, so I've had all this thread since then, stored away in my sewing room. The covered rock appeals to me because my dad, who passed a year ago, was a "rock hound," and was constantly finding unusual ones. I now have his "collection," and my grandchildren love to look through them and remember their great-grandpa. I've always had a fascination for rocks as well, especially heart-shaped ones. [Where Jane lives] is completely land-locked, and I think the smooth beach stones you use are so pretty.

Yes, you may post the conversation on your blog. I've been reading it, and I think leaving your stones where people can find them is such a great idea. How neat to find one in a place you would least expect to....

...By the way, my daughter's name is Julie Ann, and one of your stones will go to her as well. Must be a sign you should have this thread. You've made my day, too!


I am already envisioning a whole line of vintage thread pebbles...

And, of COURSE Miss Jane will be given a whole collectionof pebbles, and I even noted that she might send a few of her father's collected rocks, in case that they need a sweater of their own... Two memories, one stone, you know...

Thank you SO much, my new friend--- you have completely Made My Day.


  1. Julianna,
    You are such a wonderful, sweet person. I admire all you do for others. You "rock", girl. Such a sweet Spirts about you. Jane, you fond the perfect person to carry on your husbands grandmother's memory.
    Love ya

  2. Fantastic! I'm so glad you suggested sweatering her father's rocks...that was my first thought! Can't wait to see some vintage if the pebbles themselves weren't "vintage" enough, this will be cute!


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