Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Etsy shop has EXPLODED today... And I'm at a complete loss as to why?!?

Sure, the Tsunami Relief Pebble is in a few Etsy treasuries, but none of them are even on page 10, let alone the front page, and this blog has all of FOUR followers.


If anyone has any clues or has linked to me somewhere, PLEASE fill me in!

Curiosity killed the cat, you know.

Over 780 item views and counting....

***CORRECTION! 884 views and counting!



  1. I think these crochet (tatted, whatever) covered stones are pretty popular and as of late there haven't been any people who've offered them on etsy. I looked for them for a loong time and then only knew of two sellers. Very happy to see them!! and your gesture of providing half of the sale for Tsunami relief is outstanding!!

  2. Thanks Linda! Didn't realize I was filling a void... but so happy I am! I've raised over $70 for Japan just TODAY! :)

  3. I can explain the traffic!
    Your item was featured in an etsy finds email newsletter thing
    so a pic of one of your stones was sent to a LOT of people

  4. Well, now THAT explains it! Thank You, Georgina!

    And, Wow! What a nice thing!

  5. Anyone have a copy of that Etsy Finds email they could send me? I subscribed, but it was too little, too late....



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