Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Lovely Day for Pebbles, After All...

So the sun came out.  And we hit the beach, with pebbles in hand.  And THIS time, I actually saw that four out of five were already gone by the time we went home.  I'll just call that happiness.

Let's not talk about the faceplant Little Girl did in the surf while wearing all of her clothes, ok?  (snicker)  It was funny, though, and she wasn't upset.  And, BONUS!  I got it all on film... 

Did YOU find one?  SIGN THE GUESTBOOK and tell us what you thought!

Today's Pebbling occurs near Cassidy Street, in Oceanside.

RED!  Red as Love.  Red as my Heart.  Red as... um... well....
I've run out of descriptors... use your imagination.

Red... Picked up almost immediately....

...By THIS couple, seen bent over it (in Pink and White).
 My husband told me that he heard her say, "Cool!", but I was too far away to verify... 
Maybe she'll log it in on the Guestbook, hmmm?  :)

PINK!  Ah.. I saw you escape in someone's hand....

...I hope you enjoy your new home....

...She seemed like a nice person. 


Orange was the ONE that we left behind... no one had picked him up when we left.  Although, there were children climbing all over the rocks above him when we left, so I still have hope...

He DID look lovely all tucked away there, though...


Some have asked what is written on the back.... they are always sharpied as "" and for this round, I added "Log It In" as well.  We'll see if that has any effect.

White on his Rock...

...was gone pretty quickly.


I tried REALLY HARD to plant this in front of a little boy... but he was runningrunningrunning, and I just don't know if it was he that found it.  I hope so.

If the Little Boy didn't find it, I hope that YOU did.  Did you?

Look closely in her left hand.... there's a pebble in it!  :)

Mmmmmmm.... Sunday at the Beach. 

See you later!



  1. Yo pinto todos el mismo estilo de la piedra y la salud giydiriyorum elinine

  2. Hola, Mevdos! Oh, usted hace piedras preciosa! Gracias por decirme ... Me he pasado la mañana con su blog y con ustedes, y creo que, realmente, lo que debe llegar a Turkey y empezar a comer! :).

    My Spanish is terrible... But better than my Turkish, I'm afraid. With apologies... ;)

  3. finally, i'm around to actually say (and not only read about it and THINK) that this project is an awesome one! to find a little treasure like this on the beach, cuteness:)

    and i really loved the story about your pottery bowl and the bobbaloo hearts and noses, i'm a sucker for such serendipitous stories!

    your perky mushroom is in the mail, should reach you any day now, hope you'll enjoy:)

  4. Oh! I'm so glad you got that comment... I left it at the time of the blogger unhappiness and wasn't sure... So, YAY! Sweet Mushroomy will join my 'lil Yumi Yukio Bobbaloo (FINALLY got my hands on one!)... I'm sure there will be many adventures! :)

    Thanks for commenting, Pia... so good to know that there are people out there...

  5. you know i love all your creations, but really liked the sun, thought that went well with the beach theme. have you thought of doing beach balls or starfish? just more ideas :-)


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