Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cardiff State Beach - Seaside

There was a birthday party.  At the Beach.  And friends.  Old friends and New friends.  And a really nice afternoon.  Not to mention crazy-tired kids eating several bowls of oatmeal after quick showers and before falling into bed.

And, of course, there were pebbles.  5 of them today. 

If YOU found one, please sign the guestbook and tell us about it... we'd love to hear from you!

The day in pictures.....


Left on the bank, just before the tide pools...

Like SO... disappeared pretty quickly.  Did YOU find it???

Black... also left near the tide pools...

And also gone pretty quickly.  Did YOU pick it up
I must apologize to the finder of this one... It got caught on
my camera strap and I think one of the stitches
broke - which will likely lead to an unraveling.  Boo.


He was hidden for quite some time...

But found!  If YOU found it, please sign the guestbook!


Doesn't he look nice right there on the beach?

Hope he didn't get washed away....

And a Yellow one!  Also left on the beach...

... and I think picked up.  Sign her in and tell us what you thought!

OH... and there should be new pebbles in my shop soon, for those of you who like these odd little creations but don't live near enough to my beaches to find one for yourself! 

Psssst... the one's in the shop are a little nicer... and the one's I've just finished and haven't yet listed are nicer still.  I'm just sayin'. 

Until next time, my friends...


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