Friday, June 3, 2011

Wee Garden Update...

I'm conducting an experiment.... just HOW HIGH will a lettuce grow?  :)
No-- actually, I'm just letting them go to seed, and then I'll plant it again. 
Gotta love the continual growing season in Southern California!

And, of course, while I DID think to add supports for the tomatoes, I didn't get to the tying
them to it in time, and they're a little bit out of control.  But, as yet, no tomatoes are hitting
the ground, so I think we'll be fine. 

The Butterfly garden is filling in... The purple Buddlea is flowering and the
lavendar had some honey bee vistors this morning (they were a little camera shy).

Lisanthus in bloom.  So nice.  A little more shocking pink than I generally
go for, but what they hey... it's for the hummers and the butterflies. 

Lion's Tail about to bloom.... I can't WAIT to see it! 

How's YOUR Garden progressing this year?  Hmmmm?  :)


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  1. your garden looks great! we're waaaaaay behind you, or so it seems, as everything (tomatoes and veggies) are just starting to flower. Tomato sandwiches here I come!


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