Friday, July 15, 2011

Those Crazy Strings

I have to admit something.

While I Completely Adore the act of crocheting these wacky lil' things, I Absolutely Can Not Stand to spend the time to tuck in all those little ends. Makes me nuts.

I'm sure that reveals something awful lacking in my personality, but there you go.

Feel free to psycho-analyze me. Just make sure you let me know if it turns out I'm on my way to the Funny Farm.

Or not.

Maybe I don't wanna know.



  1. Haha, the little tails are the sole reason why I refuse to crochet or knit. CAN'T STAND THEM!

  2. Heh, heh... A friend once picked up an unfinished pebble with strings, and starting saying how he Liked the fact that you could carry them around like that. Gave me Serious Pause.


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