Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pebbles and High Surf in Carlsbad

Yesterday, at 4:00 pm, my husband mentioned that the surf was up
with waves at 6-8 feet with occasional swells to 11 feet.
Something to do with a storm in New Zealand. 

That's pretty far away, man.

That sounded like something to go and see.  So we did.

And I took pebbles with me, naturally.

Pebble Number One! Already signed in from Denali on the Guestbook!  
Thank you, Denali!

She writes, "...I didn't know what it was so I asked my mom to come
look at it. I couldn't tell what it was but I picked it up anyway. Then
I realized what it was, a pebble wearing a sweater! Haha, well
anyway thank you so much! I think this is an awesome project!..."

Well, gee-whiz.  I think Denali's pretty awesome for logging it in.

On to Pebble Number Two!  And, , would you believe it has ALSO been
logged in??

After having no better than a 1 in 7 chance in guestbook sign-ins,

yesterday, I was TWO FOR TWO!

 I'm seriously speechless!

Who says it has to be sunny for it to be a good day pebbling?

Leslye says, "...Down in Carlsbad for the weekend. My daughter Abby (11)
loves rocks and found her curious pebble. Needless to say she was beyond excited!
What a cute and creative idea!!!"

Thank you, Leslye and Abby!  I love rocks, too... 

Big waves bring in the big seaweed... and while I'm not really fond
of swimming in a salad, it sure looked lovely on the beach last night.


A gigantic THANK YOU to Denali and Leslye for taking the time to sign these in... You absolutely made my day!  Enjoy your pebbles!

See you on the beach!


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  1. Thats sweet, love some 6 to 8 ft waves around these parts, none recently.


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