Monday, April 23, 2012

What Happened, Here, Exactly?

Without getting into the whole dog thing again (not just Jack gone now, but my sweet Wally as well)....let's just fast forward to the present, shall we?

I have a puppy. A 6-month old puppy from the Shelter, whom we brought home quite literally the very day after we lost our Wally-Dog. I just couldn't bear not having a dog in the house.

Andy is very sweet.

Although, he does have mange (and THAT is an entire blog's worth of problems, right there, let me tell you...).

Skipping ahead, skipping ahead....

Andy has separation anxiety. There is a lot more to the story, but as I mentioned... We're skipping ahead...

I came back to this after a fifteen minute jaunt to the local El Pollo Loco drive-thru:

My joke on Facebook was that maybe it wasn't so much separation anxiety as a hatred for technology:

He massacred my brand-new, still in the wrapper "Wired" Magazine.

I was pretty shocked and amazed, and almost couldn't be angry.


I mean, I giggled a little.

But I was still kinda mad.

And then I decided I HAD to leave the mess where it was, just to see the look on my husband's face when he came home.

I even grabbed my phone when I heard him pull in.

Here, he is both in shock and laughing.

He asks the dog what happened. Dog appears to know nothing about it.

And here, I do believe he's gone speechless.

The Great Magazine Massacre.


(I might also point out that my house is not painted mustard yellow on the inside.  It's a very nice, muted, shade of green.)

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  1. You and Emily over at should have a little chat. She's going through the exact same thing. Puppy training is fun, isn't it???


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