Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss M turns 5....

Yes, yes, I know... I really need to get those pebbles from the Do Art Daily Show on the beach. 


But, in the meantime... this happened. 

Miss M turned FIVE.

I do not understand how that is at all possible, and yet.... there were cupcakes and presents and friends and a party to prove it. 

I even challenged myself to come up with party decorations and activities made entirely of paper plates and coffee filters.


I have no idea, but I'm blaming Pinterest.  Seems only logical....

It looked a little something like this:

The logical invitation to a Garden Themed Party.... A seed Packet

Hand-Made Paper Plate Birdie Bunting with Coffee Filter Flowers
(TUTORIAL Tomorrow!)

Paper Plate Birdie Detail

Afternoon snackies for hungry five-year old girls...

Butterfly cupcakes with piped Royal Icing Butterflies.
And, of course, when it matters, the Frosting WILL
fail and separate and probably because I over beat it,
or the butter was too cold or something equally stupid.
Tasted fine though.

Treat Bags waiting for the girls...

Coffee Filter Flower Straws
(No one wanted Lemonade... until they realized that it
came with a flower straw.  Then, everyone HAD to have it.)

Some of the girls in the backyard.

No planned games... Just a crafting table...
...with Coloring Pages, and crafty happiness.

Coffee Filter Butterflies:  Color a coffee filter with water-based markers.
Spray with water so the colors run and make a tie-dye effect. Gather
filter through the middle and secure with half of a black chenille stem
to form the body and the antennae.  Et Voila!  Another pretty Birthday Bunting.

Inspired by this post by the amazing Lindsay at Filth Wizardry,
I cut out paper plate hats, and made more coffee filter flowers for the brim.
The girls each decorated their own... well... And the the big boys, too.  Niiiiiice.

The butterfly cupcakes were devoured...

And Miss M is officially FIVE.  She looks pretty happy about it, too,
mouth crammed full of cupcake, and all that.

Happy Birthday, Miss Thing.


  1. Hummm, think this kind of birthday party would work for girl turning 21 in October? Thats right, my baby is turning 21...arg! Sweet to see the men folk play along!

  2. Happy Birthday, little lady! She's so sweet!

    I see so many friends and family members dropping loads of money (that they don't have, mind you) on these ridiculously overpriced birthday parties for their kids. The party you had for your daughter was the kind I had when I was a kid and I STILL remember them to this day. So great! Very well done!

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