Monday, June 18, 2012

Must be Summertime...

I've been hit with a summer cold. Not bad enough to knock me down, but bad enough to make me lazy and not go to the pool with my family today. Instead, there was some much needed grocery shopping.

We've been watching a lot of 'Chopped' lately on the Food Network (chefs given a surprise basket of food from which to prepare an appetizer, an entree and a desert, and after each round, one of them is "chopped" from the competition until only one champion is left standing) and I've come to the conclusion that one shouldn't be in the throes of making dinner while that show is on.

Strange things come out of your oven.

Earlier this week there was a sort of chicken and vegetable pie thingamabob, that looked ridiculous, but tasted pretty damn good. Even my five year old like it.

Tonight, following the trip to Sprouts, things were going swimmingly until the giant Bing Cherry turnover thing I envisioned started leaking through the crust so badly that I had to act quickly before there was a serious cherry juice disaster.

So... in between the sprinkling cinnamon on the acorn squash and the snapping of the green beans, I dumped the whole, giant cherry turnover into my small jelly-rollish pan to save my oven from death by cherries.

Most of the crust ended up on one side, which wasn't exactly a good thing, so I chopped up the half-baked crust bits with my spatula, stirred it all together and crossed my fingers.

It totally worked.

Inside Out Cherry Pie is a new family favorite.

It may never happen again, but if I'm ever on "Chopped" and my giant rose water and prosciutto pie with candied Special K cereal sprinkles starts overflowing.... I'll know just what to do.

The rest of dinner was this: Grilled Tilapia with Lemon, Parsley and Cilantro, Fresh green beans with garlic and a hint of olive oil and acorn squash with cinnamon and just a little brown sugar.

I heart summer.


  1. Um, YUM!

    Glad I'm not the only one on a Chopped binge lately.

  2. Yum! My kinda meal. I've been watching Chopped every day, too, and absolutely love it! I don't know how they get those secret ingredients and manage to make anything palatable out of them. Totally amazing! Have been watching Iron Chef, too. I like to see what the competitors are able to come up within a short amount of time. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  3. Tams, even little boy is addicted! But, I kinda think he likes "Sweet Genius" better... Which means he now wants to learn how to pull sugar. :)

    Hi, 'ya, Kate!


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