Sunday, July 29, 2012

Confederate Cemetery, Lewisburg, West Virginia

I took these photos while on a whirlwind 6-day trip to the East a few weeks ago. I mean, here I was in the middle of the Confederate Cemetery, with it's solemn ground and mounded earth....

...and all I could think was "this FENCE..."

They don't make fences like this anymore. At least they don't make them like this in Southern California.

And, yeah, it's just Hipstamatic, but it felt like that.

Just. Like. That.


  1. Awesome and amazing photos >> Skills too ;) I love fences and things that are old and strong >>> Especially things metal etc >>>
    Nicely done >>>

    1. Thanks, Jacques! I appreciate the comments-- hope to see your Art Abandonment soon! :)

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