Sunday, September 23, 2012

South Ponto Beach, Carlsbad

Just a quick pebbling today...


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Placed near the cliff, on another rock, ever so happily...

...Like so....

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Being in rural Nevada, I can't find the beach let alone the pebble! LOL

  2. We have a big pebble door stop which I'm finding really annoying of late when the door hits my husband says why dont you crochet it?
    One google search later and here I am..and I'm in love with your crochet pebbles, your ethos and your blog.
    I only wish you lived in the UK or vice versa!
    Ever thought of holidaying in England?


    1. So glad you found me and left such a nice comment.... Have you found Margaret Oooman's Sea Urchin pattern? If you can crochet at all, you could very easily quiet that noisy rock. I've even known people to use vintage doilies, and essentially just wrap and hand sew. Yeah, the one bad thing about this is that rocks are heavy and hard to ship. Would be so lovely if I could just make one for everyone who visits the blog. I have NOT been to the UK or Europe and it's the saddest thing. Although, I would have to be very careful if I did, as I'm afraid I would just never want to leave...


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