Sunday, February 27, 2011

24 Hours After North Ponto Beach


It's been 24 hours since the last Found Art Pebbling, and no guestbook entries yet. Bummer.

Sign in if you find one, m'kay? I'm not ready to give up on this venture yet.

Besides, I just taught myself Needle Tatting, and seriously need the excuse of this project for the mess of crochet thread I have going in the living room. I'd really rather keep plugging away than clean up.


I know it's not exactly beach weather, but there were at least 15 people out there last night when I left them...

If YOU found a Curious Pebble, a rock wearing a sweater, a crocheted stone, or whatever else you'd like to call it.... please sign the guestbook.

It would make me so happy.


  1. I would love to find a stone wearing a sweater, so if you're travelling, you know what to do!

  2. I have friends in Sweden, and one of these days... It just might happen!


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