Saturday, February 26, 2011

North Ponto Beach

North Ponto Beach, Carlsbad. 

I am no longer out of Pebbles! 

Went to the coast for a re-fill today, and left 8 more Curious Pebbles at North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad.  It was completely cold - I convinced the the little girl to wear leggings and pants (a little creative presentation of the idea surprisingly worked... she's a little (a LOT) headstrong) and somehow convinced her brother to wear an actual coat (he hates outerwear of any kind.  He is 8.  Going on 15).

It was cold, so I didn't wander too far from the Parking Lot today, and I also tried to leave most of them in plain sight... I was disappointed with not getting any feedback from the Wild Animal Park expedition the other day, and I wanted these to be found!

The day in pictures:

The Gathering.

Squadron of Supervisors.

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