Thursday, February 24, 2011


I cant believe it, but it's true! That giant bag of pebbles I picked off the beach in Carlsbad is e.m.p.t.y. Sigh. So, I have to go back. Like that's a heartache. :)

But, it's supposed to be cold this weekend. Well.... "Cold" for a Southern Californian, that is (I've nearly completely forgotten my mid-west roots as far as the weather is concerned). Not very good beach weather. But, I suppose I could bundle up. I still have a coat from, like, 1998 or something.

Riding another train of thought, I have been wondering how to finance this crazy project-- and am thinking of re-opening my etsy store. I used to sell my pottery there, but geez-louise, shipping was a bother. Might revamp it and make it all things Pebbly. Any thoughts?

Would you buy one?

I'd probably make more intricate stones for the store, thinner thread, more complicated patterns, etc.

Of course, there's always the "Donate" button.

Oh, you laugh, but honestly, while the thread doesn't cost that much, gas is getting expensive, and a getting to the beach isn't as cheap as it used to be. Not to mention the insane hours I've spent just launching this thing. And the three incarnations the blog has already been through in only two months. That's right. Three.

Someone stop me before I Design again!


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