Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wild Animal Park (Part Two)

I couldn't resist!  I didn't leave it there, but I thought Mr. Ellie
could use a little color... if only for a snapshot...

Well, it was a little chilly, and my husband kept insisting that I was going to get arrested, and/or the Animal Park Staff were going to ban me from the Park for life, etc, etc, etc... but in fact, I ended up leaving not just the three pictured in my last post, but FIVE total.  Here's how it broke down:


Left in the African Aviary, right at the entrance of the Park.  Our second favorite spot in the park (The Aviary in the Hidden Jungle is awesome), and we *never* miss it.  We even take a picture of our kids in the exact same spot each and every time we go there, so we have a whole continuum of shots from a particular angle of a particular kid.  Very funny.  In fact!  I left the Silver one on said rock after I took today's obligatory picture of said kid...

...and then walked about ten feet away to check out the Spoonbills, only to look up and see someone picking it up within a minute and a half of my leaving it there.  Very exciting. 

Success!  The whole family was gathering around it discussing it.  Hope they sign the guestbook...


Ms. Red had an interesting day... Ooh!  I love the red thread against the black rock...

I first put her in the crook of a fallen tree in a less traveled section in the park

Then, my husband said, nah, not there.. and thinking he meant it was too visible, I kinda hid her a little more in the tree.  Can you see her?

Apparently, that wasn't what he meant.  He actually meant was that it might not be prominent ENOUGH, and so I picked her up and took her with me toward the gorillas.  I last saw her on the stone wall walking toward the Gorilla Enclosure...  Didn't stick around to see if she was picked up, so as with the last time I did this, red is once again the wild card...


Ah, Mr. Blue... We headed over to the Hidden Jungle - where we could literally hang out for HOURS in the tropical humidity with the sweet 'lil birdies singing to us from the trees.  A place where you MUST sit and wait and watch closely, and you will see the most amazing things.  Like, today... with one particular group of birds in the midst of mating wars, with six or seven males wrestling on the ground, pinning each other to the dirt with their beaks in effort to show off their manly-birdieness for the girls... Quite an act.  I was convinced that they were actually trying to kill each other, but, they eventually stopped and went about their business.  But not before I got some interesting photos an video. 

In any case, Mr. Blue was left on a bench inside the Aviary, in plain sight.

See 'im?

THEN!  As we were leaving the park for the evening, we took a quick detour back through the Aviary to see if he was still there.  He was GONE!  Imagine my surprise to see him sitting on a rock just outside the Aviary.  Curiouser and Curiouser


Of course, with little kids, one must always make a pit-stop at the very cool Wild Animal Park Playground.  Got some great shots of my little girl (Miss Thing) going in and out of the tunnel, me playing with the light and the camera...

Anyway... Purple... Left him on the curb leading up and our of the playground...
I'm pretty positive that some little guy or girl must've seen him, picked him up and showed his mommy.  Hope she comments. 

Thus ends the Curious Pebble for the day... Wonder where I'll leave them next?

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  1. I have been reading everything you have put on facebook but I must admitt this is the first time I have taken a look and i will be back!! Very cool! Very Well Traveled Pebbles


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