Friday, April 15, 2011

The Nest

You've seen me mention it before in passing. I'm a little embarrassed about it, and yet I love it.

Welcome to the "Nest" that lives beside my place on the sofa.

This is where small bits of thread ends are (sometimes) gathered in a small bowl. I'll be honest though... More often, they are just left strewn where they fell.

It's a place that is constantly evolving, littered with design ideas, mis-starts, mis-fits and works in progress.

It's a place that beckons me to sit and pick up my scratched up needles (I crochet on ROCKS, for Pete's Sake), as long as it's not too messy, in which case, I'll happily ignore it for awhile (at least until visitors are coming, and my mid-western upbringing requires that I put it all away, and we can start again, tomorrow).

(Note to self: Remember to give S. those crochet books from the library...)

Today, I made 5 pebbles, some for my friend who sent the thread, and some to sell at Buena Creek Gardens:

It's getting to the "too messy" stage, right now, in fact, but I think I'll ignore it at least until tomorrow.

Might be able to get one more good day out of it before I have to force myself into cleaning mode.

And I'm wondering... Do you have one, too?



  1. Julianna, Yes I have a "nest" as well. I have to pick mine up every evening as I have to keep my home realtor ready right now. It's so hard to put my new loom away. I learned Ravenstail weaving last weekend and love it. Just one question for you. Where's the chocolate? A nest is not a nest without chocolate. lol Happy Easter.

  2. TRUE! But I force myself to leave it in the cabinet, and regularly get up for a handful of M&Ms or chocolate covered raisins.... Otherwise, I'd just sit there and eat chocolate, and not crochet! Well, that and, if I left it out, my kids would be on a sugar high all day, every day! :)

  3. OOOhhh chocolate covered raisins and M&Ms are my faves as well. If your children got into them, you not only would not have time to crochet, you would probably not have time to sleep. Happy days to you and yours. :)Love your work.


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