Friday, April 1, 2011

Pebbles & Tea in San Clemente

I'm exhausted at the moment, but I promised myself that I'd get this posted today, and so I shall.

Why so tired, you ask? Well, the short version is that my Mother (The Saint) is visiting. Saint? Yeah. Saint Nanina. Patron Saint of Children and Nurses and those in need of a little kindness and a baked good or two or six. She's your girl. You'd be lucky just to lay your eyes on her. It's kind of a lot to live up to. And she is constantly moving and doing Good Things. Anyway. She's here.

And that makes me tired. In a good way.

But! I had a chance to see one of my favorite people today... The woman who is responsible for the fact that I married my college Philosophy Professor (I didn't just fall in love... She PUSHED me into that rabbit hole, truly she did-- it's all her fault)... A remarkable woman, who also oozes with the Milk of Human Kindness and generosity and inner and outer beauty...

(I'm surrounded by greatness today)

...SHE was also in town, and I had the great fortune of meeting her for tea and conversation at the pier in San Clemente.

So we had tea. And little bowls of fruit. And while we chatted, I crocheted a Curious Pebble. And together, after the tea and a few more cents in the Parking Meter, we went pebbling.

There's an art to this pebbling business, as I'm discovering. I did my darndest to "plant" today's pebble in the path of a sweet tiny princess in a rainbow striped bathing suit... And I hope Hope HOPE that Tiny Princess found the hot-pink pebble and showed it to her mother.

It was a lovely day.

And then I went shopping for shoes and didn't find any. On the other hand, I did somehow manage to come home with several shopping bags of summer-y clothes to replace the ones that I managed to destroy with bleach, paint and assorted holes last summer. I'm sure I'll do the same again this summer. But for now, I have several new shirts that are a bit nicer than the ones I usually wear.

In any case, here are the pictures from today's Pebbling.... Enjoy.

Oh, and if YOU found Ms. Hot Pink in San Clemente today, sign the guestbook and tell us about it!

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