Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcake Army

I'm a'lookin' at the last post, and seeing that my iphone photo uploader/blog app is NOT doing what it should, and that my pics are all pixelated and not lovely.  That's no good.

But a fix will have to wait until later, as I have more important things to post (those pics were soooo three days ago, anyway, right?) this fine evening.

See, tomorrow is Miss Milla's birthday.  4.  Years.  Old.  Already.


She told me last night that she wanted to take cupcakes to pre-school on her birthday.  She's only in school twice a week, and her birthday just happens to fall on one of those days. 

Who am I to say "no"?  I called her darling Master Teacher who told me in her darling Belgian Accent that "Of Course I should bring zee cupcake... i fink we have twenty-one tomorrow..."

And so, a cupcake army was born.  It might look a little less like an army if they weren't all waving those Pink Flags?  We (the Royal "we"... My husband and I... not that he had much to do with the making of them, although he did lift the box as I plastic-wrapped it, thanks for playing!) briefly considered making a little stop motion movie in which the cupcakes were marching all over the kitchen, waving their little "Milla" flags, singing bittersweet songs of Millie patriotism and loyalty.... but then, we quickly realized that would be sort of unsanitary and stuff, so uh, maybe not?

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of her party (which actually happened yesterday, but that's neither here nor there)...

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