Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Parcel from the Past

I am SO remiss in posting this lovely and precious thing... Sometimes life gets in the way of what I'd rather be doing.... Doctors Appointments for the young Master (he's doing SO WELL! No Heart Caths this year! Yay, TEAM!), Cleaning for the imminent arrival of my mother (my mother puts Martha to shame... it's TRUE), A slew of cupcakes and a 4th birthday party for Miss Thing, etc, etc, etc...

Remember this?

A very thoughtful and kind woman found me on Etsy and thought that maybe I could use her vintage thread collection, as she was no longer able to use it herself, and hated the thought of it just ending up in the garbage somewhere.   It is the collection of two dear ladies, and my friend even included samples of the ladies' work. Oh! So Cool!

Anyway, I couldn't help myself. 

In the midst of all my planning, list writing, cleaning, and the picking up/dropping off of small people, I spent about an hour photographing the box of lovelies, drooling over their variegations, their paper bindings, labels, wooden spools and price tags (15 cents!).  And then....

Well... then, reality hit me. 

My mother was arriving the very next day, and Holy Hannah, was my house ever a mess. 

It really was. 

So with a sad, sad heart, I very neatly re-packed the thread, and put it back in the box.  But, I left the open box on the table so that I could enjoy it for a few days.  I'll have you know that a postal box of vintage thread looks very nice with a bouquet of Alstroemeria from the garden.

I actually kept a bitty spool out and put it in my "nest"-- you know... that place beside the couch where the thread and pebbles live? Yeah.  That "Nest".  I've mentioned it before-- And I picked up that bitty spool later that night and I made a bitty curious pebble.  But I broke the thread at the very end, because I was pulling it too tight.  But!  I have since had success with another bitty pebble and another bitty spool and will post that very soon. 

Enjoy the thread riot...

A peek of pink/white tatted lace (upper left) and the purple edging of a
handkerchief swatch just below... Samples from the past...


  1. That is such a great collection! I used to love going to the thrift stores in FL and finding all sorts of fun vintage craft supplies.
    Lauren D

  2. What a brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.


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