Friday, June 10, 2011

North Ponto Beach... Again... :)

Just a few pebbles left on the beach today... A lacy white one that I placed pretty close to where we were sitting, and that mysteriously moved while I wasn't looking... Someone had picked it up, and then left it on the way back up the slope, here:

And so, this is where I left it. If you found it, make sure to log it into the guest book! A close up:

The other one today, was a red peace pebble...

And where I left it....

A bit of a gloomy day, but lovely, with a pod of dolphins close to shore, my little girl dancing in the waves as the hit the shore and my little boy collecting sand crabs.

Hope you found one, and if you did, sign the guestbook and tell us what you thought!

Have a lovely afternoon...


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