Friday, June 17, 2011


Ummm.... So I opened the paper the morning, and staring me smack in the face on the front page was the headline, "THE PLAN FOR MORE SAND".

Innocuous little headline for most, but for ME... and my pebbles... GAH!

In a nutshell, there's a city-wide effort to dredge up sand from a few donor sites off the coast which they will then deposit on area beaches that have eroded over the years (read:  Beaches currently covered in pebbles.  Pebbles I NEED). 

Here's the actual article from the San Diego Union Tribune.

They seek to do this a.) because we're a tourist county, and tourists need wide, sandy beaches (and some of us locals kinda like a bit of sand, too), and b.) because it DOES help to provide a bit of a buffer between the ocean and the land during a storm.  That ain't nothin' when you're building restaurants half an inch from the shore line (aHEM).

While I AM quite environmentalist about such things, and am loathe to mess with the plans of mother nature, in this instance, that's not really where my issues are... in fact, I'm pretty comfortable with how they've crossed their t's and dotted their i's on this one.  They will be protecting the weirld Grunion fish that spawn on local beaches by NOT dredging and depositing during their spawning season (see, after the Grunion eggs are laid on the beach, they hatch and the Grunion make a spectacular RUN for the tide... it's awesome and entertaining and a pretty wacky spectator sport.  Check this out).

So MY problem, is of course, concerning a potential lack of pebbles following the re-sanding.  Or not?  I have no idea. 

I'm trying to imagine calling City Hall to find out and how that conversation might go....

ME:  "Hi.  My name is Julianna and I have a few concerns about the planned dredging and redepositing of sand on our beaches?"
UNDERPAID RECEPTIONIST: Yes?  To whom may I direct your concern?
ME:  I haven't a clue... I have a sort of weird "found art" project going, in which I create crocheted sweaters for beach pebbles....
UR: CLICK!  dialtone...

I think I might have to rent a truck and maybe a small storage unit.

Yeah.  My husband is going to LOVE that.....  Oh, geez....


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