Friday, August 26, 2011

Kitchen update... With Dogs.

All I need now is a counter top.  And a Sink.  And a tile back splash.  And someone to unpack a thousand boxes of utensils and cookware.

But!  I DO already have a pendant light that makes me happy.  I told you it would match!

So, my cabinet guys finished a day early.  Which is unheard of, great, and I'm not complaining.

But I can't decide if I should be happy to have no contractors here today, or if I should be mad that the counter top/sink installation scheduled for Monday wasn't moved to today... because I really COULD have had the counter tops and sink done today, and at least then, I'd have running water for the weekend.  Oh wait.  No, I wouldn't.  They still wouldn't have hooked up the sink until after the tile work.

Never mind.

So the side story here, is that I've been spending entire days in my bedroom, hiding from the contractors and keeping a low profile.

I'm not really hiding from my contractors.

I'm trying to keep Jack-The-Dog quiet.  He is pretty upset about all of this, and while he's a lovely, nice, good dog, he really hates people being in the house.  He'd be Fine if he could only meet them and check out what they are doing... he really would.

But the simple truth is that, as a general rue, contractors don't like your dogs, don't trust your dogs, and won't come in the house unless the dogs are like, Not There.

Which means that Jack is locked in my bedroom for the duration.

And my sweet, ever-lovin', dopey Wally Dog is stuck outside all day, with the solid plastic panel blocking the normally functioning dog door, which makes him a bit more insane than usual, as his poor lil' pea-brain can't figure out why the door isn't working.  I love that dog, but he's dumb as a box of rocks. But, he's as sweet as Cherry Pie.  

As long as I'm WITH Jack,  in my bedroom... doing nothing... he's quiet and relaxed.

If I leave, he barks incessantly, loudly and angrily until I come back.

Aside from us living in Suburban Southern California, and the likely hood that someone would call the ASPCA or file a noise complaint if I just let him bark all day.... Jack the Dog has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  He isn't long for this world.


So he's sick.

And losing weight.

And it's breaking my heart.

And I can't just let him bark and be Aggro all day... so I've unfortunately had to sedate him slightly to get him to chill out and rest, which is what he needs to do.

I really HATE having to medicate him.  I really do.  But I think this time, it's what's best.

So, come Monday, I'll continue to hang out in my bedroom, lolling on the bed with Jack the Dog, watching HGTV and occasionally getting up and checking the kitchen progress.

I suppose a 3-day weekend from Contractor madness is a good thing for me and Jack.

And probably for poor Wally, too.

Jack the Dog in Happier Days.


Me and the Wally getting ready for a Diwali Party (every year, around Diwali Time, I call him "Diwali-Wally".  You know... just 'cause.  No, I'm not Hindu, nor am I Indian, but I have some lovely friends who are and who invite me to their amazing parties.  Plus, I look great in a Sari).  Wally is a love bug. Such a sweet soul.  He's either a.) figured it all out and is completely Zen or b.) has twelve thousand more lives to live.  I haven't decided yet.  I'll keep you posted.

Dogs Rule. So do new kitchens.


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