Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitchen Makeover Part 1 1/2

Day one of demolition begins! Bye-Bye nasty sink!

This is the faucet that I purchased after Much Deliberation at Home Depot. I also went to Lowes. Then I went to Home Depot. Then I went BACK to Lowes (apparently, cell phone pictures were NOT enough for this earth shattering decision. Oh, brain... What is wrong with you???). And then, I went back to Home Depot for this guy. Oy vey.

This is what was in the (sealed!) box. NOT the faucet I purchased. THIS is someone else's grody old faucet put in Kohler box. NOT cool. The faucet I thought I was purchasing has a built in sprayer, not a stand alone sprayer, as seen here.


But at least the Home Depot was reasonable, believed me, and refunded my money. Otherwise I'd be calling them out pretty hardcore at the moment.

Now. Just have to drive to another city and for a new-new faucet, because, of course, this was the last one at my store. Of course.

Day TWO!! Getting there....

This photo is showing the undersides of the cabinets. Why? Because the old undersides of my cabinets were made of flaking pressboard. Trust me when I say that this is MUCH better... Even if not a very exciting photograph.

We've (ha! "we"... As if I'm doing anything but watching....)

Anyway, WE (snort!) have removed a bunch of wood strips/piers from the cabinet frames, because the old doors didn't "meet" each other and instead closed on a central strip of wood. Which was probably the cheaper, faster way of doing it when the house was built. Stupid piers in the way every time you wanted something in the cabinet. Every.time. Had to arrange things so you could remove them without hitting the pier. The doors also all mostly opened the same direction (the hinges were all on the left side... not mirrored in pairs). Hated that.

Our new doors will meet each other in the center, will have hidden hinges, have been reconfigured to open in pairs (logical, eh?) and won't require the central pier. That rawks.

And I should also note that Orlando and Arturo are darling, and are doing a very nice job. Thanks, Boys.

To be continued...


  1. wow, i would LOVE to have my kitchen re-done too!! one day, money permitted etc, i will. can't wait to see what it will look like!

  2. Pia, I'm not ashamed to admit that the remodeling is a gift from my parents! :)

  3. I'm suddenly having kitchen envy. Not that this is anything new...heh. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Wow, you sure do move fast once the light hits you in the head! (bawhaha...yea, I know, I'm punny)

  5. I just spent 5 hours scraping two layers of 20 year old contact paper off of the shelves with a razor blade and my fingers are raw. That help, guys? ;)

  6. Looks great, you really do have a gift!


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