Tuesday, October 18, 2011

$4.00 Off Sale

In a fit of sheer madness* I have reduced the price of all pebbles in my etsy shop by $4.00.

See?  Now everyone is happy!

And then I got even crazier and marked TEN of them at 20% off.  That's on TOP of the $4.00 thing, in case you're wondering.

Whoa Nelly.

Go and getcha some.

*Not to mention the discovery of the awesome Craftopolis "Edit Express" batch editing tool for Etsy shops - Love it.

Oh.  And there's a cat living at my house now.  Wally the (sweet but not so smart) Dog is not sure what to do about this.  What he really needed was an alpha dog to tell him what to do now that Jack is gone.  Cat is not helping with that.  Hmmmm....


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