Friday, December 9, 2011


Looks nice, no?

But, you will notice an acute lack of buyers in background.

The Holiday Hit List show was a complete bust for me.

I don't really want to talk about it.

Oh... yes I do.

When I was first invited, M said he would front me the $100 table fee (plus and extra $20 for applying late, and I'd only just heard about it), so I was quick to take him up on that.

And, THEN, of course, I spent about $50 on making the table presentable and merchandise-able; Tablecloth, Stands, Trays, etc..

I was so excited to see that there were over 60 vendors signed up, it was in a good area of town, so I just KNEW I would make enough money to not only pay him back for the Table fee, but also to buy M that Christmas present I'd planned for, and with MY OWN money (not the money he deposits into my bank account every month, or the credit card he pays for).

I had 5 sales.  I made less than $80.  And I still have to pay the Tax-Man.

The first hour was great - and that's where virtually all my sales came from.  After the first hour, people dwindled noticeable, and by hour three.... no one. 

There was no foot traffic and very little signage.  While everyone there told me that they had seen it in the local newspaper every day, I just wasn't sure.  On the other hand, one of the other vendors, upon hearing me and my neighbors complaining, mentioned that there are simply too many of these things happening at this time of the year.  That's probably true.

So.  No grand Christmas Present for M, I'm afraid.

So. Bummed.

In fact, I still owe him some money (he won't make me pay it, but still).

I talked about the project for 6 hours straight - to anyone who even so much as dared to make eye contact with me, and most thought that the project was an awesome idea, and they smiled and laughed and some didn't believe me when I told them that I actually take these things back to the beach and leave them for other people to find.... But I only sold ONE actual pebble, and 5 little Pebble Clips.  I dunno.  I suppose that the prices are higher than anyone wants to pay, but honestly, these things take at LEAST an hour for each pebble.  I really can't lower my prices, and I won't.  In fact, to that end, I'd actually painted some pebbles instead of crocheting them, planning to sell them for less than $5, but ended up simply giving one of them away to a cute little girl.

I spent at least a week, trying desperately to make MORE pebbles to sell, and even bought some clear glass Christmas ornaments and crocheted them, too... I was up till midnight the whole week before, crocheting and making signs and figuring out the display. All for naught.  Ugh.

But, I'm trying to keep my head up and remember the reason behind this - to keep publicizing the project and hopefully get some interest one way or another.  So.  I'll keep doing that, then.

At least I've got everything I need for next time, Right?


  1. I've notice a trend of not buying at our local craft shows as well. We have a summer 'art-in-the-park' show in August that was well attended but I don't think the vendors had a lot of sales. The Christmas shows this year have been the same. I know that I haven't been buying as much as I would have liked. I sucks. Have high hopes for better years ahead and never give up! Your work is great.

  2. Aww I'm so sorry that happened! I've never done a craft show before, mainly because I just don't think I'm brave enough! What are pebble clips? I didn't see anything like that in your shop. Do you have more for sale?

  3. Dahn, I'm glad it's not just me! Wow, it's amazing what a beating one's psyche can take. Thanks for the thoughts.

    SewSweet, the clips are really just tiny pebbles, the size of a nickel or quarter, done in the smallest thread and hooks I can find... With a little lobster clasp to clip onto purses, zippers, or where ever you would like. There is one in my shop at the moment, and I have 5 or six more I should list.

    In fact, I have about 15 new pieces that I haven't listed, mainly due to a sudden onset of apathy. Well, that and the Holidays looming... :D

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE what your are doing with the pebbles, especially leaving them for others to find. So awesome, it would make my day to find one! (I did spread money coins before in the hope that children or others would find them)




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