Friday, December 2, 2011

San Diego North Park Craft Mafia Holiday Hit List

IF YOU HAVE ever wanted to find a Curious Pebble for yourself, but haven't been so lucky as to meet me at the beach, now's your chance!

On Sunday, December 4, from Noon-6pm, I'll be HERE:

Of course....
Wouldn't you know that the time I need all of my Pebbly Inventory the MOST,  I'd end up having a GIANT ORDER from Etsy? And, I DO mean a GIANT ORDER...
Ten Pebbles. 
Note to self... If Etsy Sales are slow, sign up for a show. You'll sell out of Pebbles before you can even pack up the car....
So for me, that's pretty Giant, especially when you consider that each one takes an hour or so to create. 
Now... I'm no Matematician, but that's, like, Ten Hours of work (although, someone might want to check my math, here).
Here's a bit of a preview, and the current view of my "Staging Area".... err.... I mean, "Dining Room Table".

Good thing I don't have plans to have any one over for dinner this weekend, or we'd be eating Pebble Soup.
Of course, Ten of these Sweeties are gone now thanks to Giant Order....

But I'll be making more Pebbles just as soon as I click "Post".

Or go to the Post Office.

Or put lights on the Very Large Christmas Tree that has taken up residence in my front room.

Or figure out how to contact the woman who won my giveaway over at One Pearl Button.

Or pick up the mess I've made getting ready for the show.

Or finish making signs for the show.

Or practice a few songs for my professor husband's University's Holiday Party (the new Dean is apparently, something of a Jazz pianist.... but he's also Jewish, so I guess my standard Christmas Songs are out... so... ???)


Oh geez.  Nevermind.

It's going to be a busy day.

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