Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I'm throwing together a quick pasta primavera for supper, and as I'm gathering things together, I see two things: a jar of Nutella and the dregs of a bag of semi-stale vanilla wafers. And I remember that I keep thinking that I really should scoop out a dollop of Nutella with those wafers....

But, remembering that I had hungry children, I turn away, veggies in hand toward the counter, where the sight of a few organic bananas make that little lightbulb in my head practically explode.

Bananas! Sliced!

And my brain starts to pondering.

In less than half a second, I had a plan, which I threw together in between the sautéing and the béchamel making. I had exactly 12 vanilla wafers left in the bottom of the bag... Enough for each of us to have three of these little darlings.

My son thinks I'm a genius.

I'll be doing this again, just as soon as I restock the vanilla wafers.

(Don't forget the sprinkles)



  1. Have banana, have Nutella and have sprinkles...hummm, leave the house at 10:00 p.m. in search of Nilla Cookies? Stick banana in Nutella jar and call it good!


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