Friday, February 24, 2012

Nyan Cat Amigurumi (ALMOST with a Pattern)


(Just found this post which I started in JANUARY! Been a little busy around here, whoa.)

I have children. I think I've mentioned that once or twice before.  My Nine-year old is ridiculously computer savvy and probably a little too interested in things like Internet memes and Minecraft and Linux Servers and that sort of thing.

But as with every family, whatever big brother is into MUST be awesome if you are his little sister, and thus Nyan Cat has flown into our home, bringing with her all such rainbows and cuteness and goofy Japanese Pop Songs.

For those of you who don't have the good fortune of hearing "Nyanyanyanyan" running at full blast on the computer speaks while you are trying to think about what to make for dinner, I'll tell you this: Suffice to say, Nyan Cat is basically a video, starring a pixel art kitty (with a cherry pop-tart for a body), flying through the sky trailing a rainbow. The video features a Japanese Pop song entitled "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya" and has been playing constantly in my house for a couple of weeks. There seems to be some sort of "how long you have watched" element to all of this, which is kinda strange, seeing how it's the same background scene scrolling and scrolling and scrolling....

In any case, what this has lead to is an absolute INSISTENCE by my four-year old that I crochet her a Nyan Cat.


I like a challenge.

Here she is.

Ready to Fly through the Sky!

 I SHOULD have stuck with the pixel-art theme and made her 'lil cheeks
square as well, but I tried round cheeks just as a lark, and I really just
liked them better.  As far as amigurumi goes, anyway.

You'll note the pink sparkle sequins.  Genius Touch, that. 

I am currently working on a pattern for this guy..... and in the middle of it my husband calls:

ME: Hello?
HIM:  Hi.  Apparently I have a bad attitude today.
ME: Yeah?
HIM: Yeah.  Let's head out the 76. 
Me:  Ummmm... Ok

("Head out the 76" is a euphemism for playing away the afternoon at a local Casino. We play Nickel Slots maybe once every three months or so.  If you take a set amount of money, it's cheaper than dinner and a movie.  No kidding.)

He must REALLY need a break.  I know he has boatloads of things to do, but I'm not complaining. 

I'll let you know if I win a billion dollars. HAHAHAHAHA!


  1. Sweet, I would love to continue your pattern and make a scarf out of nyancat. Will check later. Is that still a pattern you are interested in putting together?

  2. YES! In fact, I was mostly finished with my first attempt at a pattern, save for the rainbow ripple. I wrote that down his morning.... Let me follow what I've written To test the pattern, and I'll post it within the next day or two. Will probably also post it to Ravelry, if you have an account there.

    Actually, I was kind of letting it go, thinking that the Nyan Cat thing had run it's course, but I was so close to finishing the pattern, I figured that I might as well... So thanks for the prompt! :)

  3. Ive been looking everywhere for a nyan cat scarf!! I love your pattern and can't wait see the pattern! Will it be for free?

    Thanks :3

    1. Yes! It will be free... Done testing, just need to add a few edits and I'll have it up. Was working on Lebowski today, :)


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