Monday, February 20, 2012

Do Art Daily, Day 20

Just a little preview of what I've been working on for the "Do Art Daily" Show in which I'm making a pebble every day in February for a cumulative show in March. There are 30 other artists also contributing.

Interlocking rings form a six-sided flower... Cool design inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. Took forEVER.
Some new, free-form ("scrumbling") designs that I've been working on. My husband doesn't care for them. I love them. Who needs husbands, anyway, hmmm?
This one was made on the day of my friend Radhika's Memorial Service... I was scheduled to perform the song I wrote for her live, in front of 200+ people in the auditorium, and heaven only knows how many people in India and Germany via live streaming video. I was nervous as hell. Making this calmed my soul. Namaste, darling.
And today's offering, inspired by a sand dollar, but which actually looks more like a sea biscuit. Semantics, semantics.
Nine more days to go! I'll, of course, post more pics and take a slew of photos at the show in March.
Back to scrumbling!


  1. So I will post the first thing that came into my head - You 'rock'! Sure you never heard that before. Love the new designs (I don't have a husband so I can say that freely)

  2. Haha! nope, never. :)

    See??? Like I said.... "Who needs husbands, anyway...???" LOL


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