Wednesday, June 27, 2012

F@&$ it, Dude. Let's go Bowling. An Amigurumi Lebowski. The Dude.

As seen on Ravelry...

Yesterday, Miss Julia over at Mommy's Little Monkey asked if I might be able to make "that character from Lebowski"?

To which I replied, "WHICH character? They are ALL crazy characters!"

Turns out, she's never seen 'The Big Lebowski', and while admittedly feels the necessary shame about it, I'm shaming her in public to MAKE her watch.

Go do it, 'k, Julia???



So. Indeed. The Dude Abides.  In crochet.  In Amigurumi, even.

It was, of course, our hero, The Dude she was looking for. Here he is.

I love how his hair turned out. Pretty Dude-like, if I do say so, myself, and shouldn't.

Bathrobe complete with pockets for your checkbook.

You know... Because you never know when you'll need to write at check to Ralph's for $2.49 for a carton of half & half for your next White Russian.

Also, the comfort sandals. Those are important. Like... for walking on rugs that really tie the room together.

Watch out, Dude, I think Jackie Treehorn just slipped you a Mickey.

Yeah. He TOTALLY did.

Some days you eat the bahr, some days the bahr eats you.

He's a good man. And thorough.

Bottoms up, Dude.

No, there's no pattern.  Sigh. 

I just make this stuff up as I go along.... if you can make your own amigurumis, you can make Lebowski.  It's your basic head/body (although, I do use doubled-over pipe cleaners for arm and leg fillers, so that I can pose 'em), a separate bathrobe and sandals, some hair... felt bits...  it's all in how you put it together, really... and how many White Russians you've had...

Kidding.  I'm not sure I could actually make this while tossing back a few White Russians.  It would probably look more like Walter Sobchak if I did.


  1. You have shamed me - I will watch it this weekend. And if I don't report back with a full review you may shame me more!

  2. Soooooooooooo cool! I absolutely love this - it has made my day, hehe! Loved the movie, you've interpreted him brilliantly LOL :)

    1. Thank you, Tweed! One of my music buddies remarked that it looks a bit like Sammy Hagar as well. Two for the price of one! :D

  3. Oh man, the robe! This is so rad.

  4. I also thought it was Sammy Hagar because of the color of the hair. Either way he's very cute!!


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