Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratuitous Halloween Photos

Yeah.  I know.  No one cares about other people's kids' Halloween Pictures.


Can't seem to help myself.

I mean....

They are ADORABLE!

Can you blame me?

With his face all covered in powdered sugar?

And her mouth full of giant gumball?

Hope you had a lovely Halloween.

I know we did.

Miss M's Pirate Queen dress made of a cheapie, $2.50 (on-sale) Ladies short-sleeve T-shirt, completely remade and revamped.  Belt courtesy a pair of brown "pleather" curtains (given to me by a friend who removed them from his house after he re-claimed it from The Renters with Hideous Taste.  But, Oh! Pleather DOES come in useful!  Just not on your widows), some sticky glitter foam and a few snaps.  The stripe-y skirt was an old pair of pirate costume pants that I re-worked into a skirt....

Mr E prefers the conceptual, and decided that this year he would be "The Road", specifically, a Four-Way Stop Intersection.  It's yer' basic black sweatsuit with painted-on lines (I REALLY thought the yellow duct tape was going to stick.  I was wrong). Street Signs made with laser-jet Shrinky-Dinks.


  1. I love the pics. I was wondering what the kids looked like for Halloween. So happy to see them. I LOVE the pirate costume and the road is very clever! My daughter went from fairy to white tiger the night before. Fortunately, she has learned that she has to fend for herself with a mom who cant sew. Maybe one of these days once you teach me .... :) Love, R.

  2. Ah, Radhika, my dear... We must set a date for the sewing lesson... Or we'll NEVER get it done! :)

  3. Wow, these are adorable. I have never seen cuter costumes. Wow. Wow. Wow. And I was Carrie... :/

  4. Michah, I loved your post about being "Carrie". MUCH more appropriate for High School than young Pirate Queen. :D

  5. Those costumes are fab! Love the road concept--what a clever kid! Came here from One Pearl Button, and am now a follower in Facebook. LOVE the pebble project idea!


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